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Apple Trees labels

I did a bit of cooking at Christmas to give presents to our friends Tim and Elena. Tim’s a cyclist like me, and Elena had just brought new baby Otto into the world so I cooked a hearty vegetarian shepherd’s pie by Delia, with Nigella’s frangipane mince tart for afters.

To spruce things up a bit I made some labels. The design stays roughly the same for each product, but the colour changes depending on ingredients. I’ve got some labels ready to use on Damson Chutney next autumn, and if we get a good harvest there could be others.

It’s the first time I’ve done food labels for anyone outside the family, but I’m glad to say Tim, Elena, Matilda and new baby Otto loved them – in fact, Elena thought it was all from the Ludlow Food Centre. Mmmm. Thanks, Elena, you always make me laugh.